lawn care Conway SCThe best time to do your lawn care Conway SC weed control strategy is when you see weeds growing actively unless you’re trying to stop weeds from appearing. You have to add a preemergence weed killer before they start to grow. The weeds that are already in your lawn can be controlled by post-emergent weed killers. You need to wear the right clothes like long-sleeved shirts, long pants, safety goggles, and gloves when you apply these treatments.

Lawn Care Conway SC: Applying Pre-emergent Herbicide

Lawn care experts said that annual lawn weeds that are sprouting can be controlled by pre-emergent weed killers. This means the herbicide should be on your lawn before the seeds start to germinate. Annual plants that grow during a single season end up seeding and dying afterward. The summer annual weeds such as crabgrass as well as goosegrass will germinate during the spring and winter season. The annual weeds such as the common chickweed as well as henbit will sprout during the early fall season. As a result, controlling annual weeds require the application of a pre-emergent weed killer during the early spring season. You also need to apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the early fall season if you want to control the winter annual weeds. In case annual weeds are already visible in your lawn, then it’s too late to add a pre-emergent herbicide.

When is the best time to add post-emergent weed killer to your lawn?

The post-emergent weed killers are the most effective solutions once the weed in your landscaping is growing actively. Certain kinds of plants such as plantain and dandelion can be targeted by post-emergent herbicides, but they will do no harm to the turfgrass. The perennial weeds will return each year and the best time to apply a post-emergent weed killer are during the early fall and spring if you wish to control the growth of perennial broadleaf weeds.

Lawn maintenance Carolina Forest experts said that you should apply the treatment during a still day and with a temperature that ranges between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There should also be no rain expected for the next 48 hours.

Don’t apply the post-emergent weed killer if the lawn is drought-stressed or if the air temperature is higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do, the herbicide will end up damaging your grass.

If you have a new lawn, it will be more sensitive to herbicides compared to established lawns. You should not add a pre-emergent weed killer to a lawn that’s been newly seeded. If the grass already has an established root system, then you can apply the herbicide that contains dinitroaniline safely. During the spring season, you can add a product that contains pendimethalin to lawns that were seeded during the fall, after the lawns were mowed about four times. Be sure to wait until you have mowed the lawn four times before you apply a post-emergent herbicide. You also have to wait until the springs have rooted and grown if it’s been sprigged. Add a weed killer at 50% of the recommended rate on the label, and then reapply the product after seven to ten times to get rid of the weeds that may have survived during the first application.


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