lawn careCommon in lawn care is the interruption of mowing due to rain. You’re desperate to get rid of the grass that keeps growing longer. Is it too wet to mow your lawn?

How can you tell? Is it possible to mow wet grass? You can mow wet grass. However, it is not recommended. Although wet grass can be a problem for turf, there are good reasons not to. The mower wheels can slip, spin and slide through wet dirt more easily, pulling up grass.


Lawn Care Tips for Mowing a Dry Lawn

You can wait for the soil drying before you cut. If you have to cut the grass because it is too long, allow it to dry as long as it can.

These tips will help you cut wet grass with less damage.

When the grass is damp, cutting can be more difficult. For easier and cleaner cuts, sharpen your mower blades.

Resist the temptation to trim your grass, even if it has grown out of control from the rain. Never reduce it by more that one-third of its height.

Lower mowers make the grass more vulnerable. They also tend to create more wet cuttings. Mow the grass again in a few more days to trim a bit more. Use a side-discharging mower if possible.

Mulch mowers create more clumps. After cutting, you can go over the clumps to get rid of them. Bagging the clumps is another option. To avoid slipping or tearing up the turf, take it slower than normal, especially at the turns. After cutting a wet lawn, clean the blades.

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