lawn careHomeowners want to walk in green and lush grass. But did you have any idea that your lawn does more things other than just feel and look good? Lawns help improve the quality of hair, cut back the heat by about 30 degrees, and aid in the generation of oxygen. That’s another good reason why lawn care is a must.

Fertilization is one of the best ways to keep the grass looking vibrant on the surface while making sure the roots remain healthy. So, when is the best time to fertilize the lawn? It’s not spring but during the fall season.

Lawn Care: Why is fall the best time to fertilize?

Your lawn becomes stressed during summer because of too much heat. The cooler temperature during the fall season provides the best setting for the lawn to get back its strength.

Reasons to fertilize your lawn in the fall:

  • The morning dew in the fall provides moisture that will help the grass absorb the fertilizer.
  • The grass will have the opportunity to build stamina before the cold season
  • Root growth leads to greener and healthier lawn in spring.

Although fall is a good time to feed your lawn, you’ll get better results if you fertilize as best as possible.

When In Fall Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Feed your lawn in about two to three weeks before the ground starts to freeze. You can check the first frost date in your area. Generally speaking, it’s good to apply lawn fertilizer in the middle of October.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Fertilize Your Lawn?

The best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn is in the early morning or early evening. This will let you avoid the warmer temperatures during the day, which doesn’t work well with fertilizers.

Can You Fertilize The Lawn After Mowing?

Yes. Mow the lawn first and then apply the fertilizer. It’s also a good idea to leave grass clippings behind because this can help with root development.

Can You Apply Fertilize Before Rain?

Lawn care Conway experts say it’s not ideal to apply a fertilizer before a heavy rain because the latter will cause a runoff. So, before the application, be sure to check the weather forecast first. If it recently rained in your area, don’t forget to let the grass blades dry out first before applying the fertilizer.

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